Major PDR and Other Updates


Hi All. I’m checking in here and kicking away the tumbleweeds that have accumulated in my absence. I’m still chugging along at work and home projects. Lots of improvements on both cars have been ongoing as well. I’ve focused a lot of attention on the 6i to get it as close to showroom fresh as I can within financial reason. Well, financial reason may be a bit too conservative. I think obsessive may come to your mind.

First off, I scored a brand new OEM factory painted spoiler which dressed up the rear of the “i” a bit. Most 6’s with the sport package of this era came with a spoiler, however there was a spoiler-delete option which we had here. That’s never been to my liking, so this fixed that.


Next, you may have noticed that I don’t show many photos of the driver’s side on here and on my Instagram. That’s been on purpose as there was some rather significant damage to the driver’s door which didn’t show well in photos. The damage was there when I acquired the car and it looks like someone had baked directly into the door. I believe this happened on one of my grandpa’s voyages. Though most of the scuffs and paint damage buffed away, we were left with many dimples and stretched sheet metal. Here’s what I’m referring to:


Even though this light color hides the damage in direct sunlight, my OCD kept nagging me to fix it. I explored many options such as your traditional body shop process of re-skinning, painting and blending or purchasing a replacement door and having it painted. Either of those options most likely wouldn’t yield the results I’d be looking for though. I intend to keep this car as original as possible. I even considered buying this local 6, swapping doors, and reselling.


Even if the paint matched perfectly, I’d have the issue of the black window and belt line trim mismatched from both cars being in different environments for the last 14 years. So, my last hope was contacting my tried and true PDR (paintless dent removal) go-to, Dent Specialties of El Paso, TX. For well over 10 years, I’ve been taking my cars to their lead tech (or “wizard” as he should be called), Eric. If you’re ever in the area, pay them a visit!

After some coordination over text, I decided the best action plan would be to take the door off and leave it with Eric for a week.


Ready for transport. It BARELY fit in the trunk of the gray 6!


This challenging project was showcased on their social media.


After a week, it was done, and here’s the magic he was able to perform. His 20 hours of work gave some really impressive results!


I was so stoked. Pictures don’t do this justice, but here are a few before and afters:


So, that made for another successful fix for the “i”. A few months later, I returned to Eric to have the remaining door dings removed from the entire body.


Next, I tightened up some panel gaps on the passenger side (pardon the filth).





Oh, we aren’t done yet! Next, I stripped off the old faded window tint and had my tint guys install some fresh 20% film.


The factory painted door handles’ clear coat was starting to fail, so I will replace these as well.


Now, the final touches. I’ve been wrapping up the mini restoration process by giving every single nook and cranny a good cleaning and detailing.


I’m currently finishing up a complete paint correction/restoration. The process consists of a clay bar cleaning, compounding on the bad areas, two-stage polish, then sealer.


Some of the results:


The product of choice has been Wolfgang. I find their products very easy to apply and tend to yield a nice deep gloss.


When I’m finished with the entire car, I’ll top coat with this $70 Wolfgang Fuzion carnauba wax to give the greatest depth and make the metallic flake pop. This won’t be a concours-level paint restoration, but a huge improvement.


It’s been a rather expensive project. When the “i” is complete, I’ll be sure to post some high resolution photos. I also didn’t forget about the gray “s”. I swapped out the troublesome aftermarket Depo headlights for some black bezel OEM 2006 Mazda 6 headlights. What’s this, the fourth time I’ve replaced these?


I feel like these work better with my dark/smoked theme.


The last mod is a gloss black window trim to replace the faded and cracked factory vinyl.


While we’re on the subject of the gray 6, this month is actually the fourth-year anniversary of ownership. How does time fly by so quickly?! I’ll compile some data to share in a future post on that. I think I’ve bored you all with enough photos for now. Catch you all later!


6 thoughts on “Major PDR and Other Updates

  1. Both of your 6’s will turn 15 years old next year. Perhaps a celebration of some sort is in order. I really have to hand it to you for the level of detail with which you’ve restored the 6i – truly an amazing car. What I’m curious to see – and maybe this will be a future blog post – is how extensive the records and paperwork are. I know maint has been primarily quick-change shops but I’m sure you’ve assembled any available records into a binder by now! Looking forward to seeing you in a couple of days. Let’s get a few bugs on that 6S and on the ILX, just like old times in the Yukon Territory 😉

    • Hmmm…a 15 year celebration wouldn’t be a bad idea! I’ll think on that. I’ve been able to obtain more paperwork luckily and soon I’ll be posting this on the blog. Probably will be very similar to what you did. Looking forward to getting together just like old times!

  2. The PDR looks terrific- it really came out well! Also, your detailing efforts are impressive- there is a 2012 Accord coupe up in NJ if you’d like to practice your detailing skills some more… 😉

    What’s the mileage on both cars now?

    • Thanks! Bring that Accord on over! I’ll get you good deal on it. 🙂 The “i” has about 195,300 miles and the “s” will be close to 257,500 after this weekend. Well over 450,000 miles combined!

  3. The final result of the dent removal on that door was superb! The detailing of the rest of the car has it looking pretty sharp in the photos you’ve provided, but no doubt will be impressive when you upload some HQ images. Any other maintenance items that you need to do on the 6i?

    • Thanks, Adam. It’s bee a long process, but I’m pretty happy how the whole car is turning out. Makes me not want to drive it and preserve. Haha! So far, all the maintenance is caught up aside from the front brake rotors being very slightly warped. The brakes are all original and never been touched, but I think there’s still sufficient rotor thickness to just turn them. Thanks for stopping by!

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