Made it to the Moon


Okay, I admit it. That was click-bait. I’m not on the moon today, but at just under 240,000 miles, the 6 “S” has covered an equivalent distance from Earth to the Moon. If we’re getting technical here, I’m actually about 800 miles over that. Once I hit 240,000 miles, which should happen this weekend, that will equate to 9.6 times around the earth. Not bad. However, not as impressive as other high milers around, so I have some driving to do in the coming years. 300k is the next target.

December is already here and I like it. I like the rush of the holiday season in both personal experiences and at work. I won’t have much time for traveling this month, but I do have some nice plans shortly after the New Year. Hint: “Aloha!”

Various improvements for the 6’s are planned, but since it’s a little chilly this time of year, I probably won’t get around to them anytime soon. Before the cold weather hit this week, I made sure to give both 6’s thorough washes. Here are a few Fall photos from Thanksgiving…


The “i” got a little personal touch by my grandpa when I visited a few weeks ago. I had him sign the dashboard with a silver Sharpie to add a little character. It takes a special signature for me to allow conspicuous permanent ink on any of my cars. Only seemed fitting to have grandpa’s on here.


Also did a full leather conditioning


Speaking of silver Sharpies, my inner trunk lid on the “S” is starting to populate nicely with listings of memorable drives and signatures of significant people who have driven or ridden in the 6. It’s starting to look a little hippie, and I love it!


That captures the important highlights of late. See you next time…


11 thoughts on “Made it to the Moon

  1. There is so much to love about this post. That trunk liner is looking amazing. Lol at Ryan saying “You’re a beast”! Haha. So cool that Grandpa Frank got to sign the 6-i. Very appropriate. Newly-conditioned leather is looking fantastic. Enjoy your time on the moon.

    PS, can I go to Hawaii with you? 🙂

    • Come aboard for Hawaii! Too bad shipping a car over is about $1k one way. A little too much for me to say I’ve driven the 6 there. 😦 I still need to get family signatures on that trunk too!

  2. Congratulations on the milestone! Having more than one vehicle in the fleet will now make the 300,000 mile goal take a little longer, I’m guessing? My next milestone in my car is to have achieved the circumference of the earth – 40,075 kilometers. For me to make the distance to the moon, I’m on for 14 years at my current annual mileage… better up my game! The leather interior is looking factory fresh, a real testament to how well kept the car was during your Grandfather’s ownership. Hope your week is going well. Cheers Adam.,

    • Thanks, Adam! Yes, having more than one vehicle will certainly delay that 300k goal a bit, but I do make sure the grey “S” gets more daily miles. Hope you get to that earth circumference milestone soon! Hope the weekend was full of fun drives for you.

  3. You got me! I clicked! haha These 6’s are looking well worn for their age. Still got a lot more miles to go! Love the touch of Grandpa signing the dash. That was definitely a D’awwww moment.

    • Haha! These 6’s have lived through a lot, but they keep on going. I’m stuck with them, and now I have go figure out how to accommodate future rides at the house. 🙂

      • I recently bought the the same car but my is automatica and I was wondering if you could help me figure out how to do the egr valve reroute. I can’t find too much info on it. Thank you so much. Your car is immaculate and would love to have mine like yours

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