Three Year Anniversary and 100,000 Miles


Hey All,

Several months have past since my last update…for shame! Well, today I actually had a few free minutes at work to get out a short little post here. Yesterday (November 7, 2017) marked the third year of owning the 6, and I couldn’t let that go too far without a post to celebrate the occasion! Who would have thought that I’d keep this a freakin’ three years?!! I did say in my one year post that I have enjoyed every mile. To date, I still feel the same.  She’s still not the prettiest, fastest, and not exactly dripping with the latest tech, but this rickety little 6 just keeps on purring regardless of what gets thrown at it.


Well, somewhat. This past year hasn’t exactly been the cheapest, nor the most trouble free if I’m honest. Here’s a list some rather costly maintenance items and repairs which far exceed the value of the car:

  • Early January, 2017: Fuel system cleaning, OEM O2 sensor, spark plugs, valve cover gasket, coolant and manual transmission fluid flush | $1,200
  • Late January, 2017: OEM Alternator replacement | $975
  • June, 2017: OEM Fuel pump replacement | ~$500 w/ a DIY install
  • July, 2017: Front passenger OEM control arm | $950
  • August, 2017: Alignment | $80
  • September, 2017: OEM coil replacement | $75 w/ DIY install
  • October, 2017: New front rotors and pad | $725

That’s a total of around $4,505! That alternator was the most painful as it was my first official breakdown. Thankfully, AAA was there very quickly to save my butt.


Just for fun, I ran a Kelly Blue Book value check for a dealer trade-in (don’t worry, I’m not even entertaining that idea). I was quite shocked! The Private Party value wasn’t much better. The mileage really makes a dent in the value.

2017-11-08 17_02_57-2004 Mazda MAZDA6 s Sedan 4D Trade In Values - Kelley Blue Book

With that said, I plan to make that high mileage even higher. As of today, I  achieved a pretty significant milestone: 238,954 miles. Why does that matter? That’s exactly 100,000 miles since the day I drove this car home from Phoenix back in 2014!

38269836711_d9bb97411e_z (1)38269820581_0e5f3bae5b_z

Think I should go for another 100,000? We shall see. I haven’t done as much traveling this year as I wanted to (partly from home renovations and just a heavy load at work), but I do get out once in a while. Here are a few photos outlining the past year:

Hauling whatever would fit for those home remodeling jobs.


Actually have been using the 6 quite a bit in job related functions.


Road trip with Dad to California


Finally got to see by buddy, Tyson, and his new digs in Phoenix.


Gila Wilderness


Lots of random exploring around Doña Ana County where I live.


I performed a major interior detail and refresh for the first time since the Alaska trip last year. New headliner is finally completed as well.



Two big road trips did happen, however I won’t spill the beans just yet. They will have to be their own post.

Cosmetic Updates:

The 6 had a bit of an identity crisis of late thanks to me. I recently grabbed a set of OEM chrome accessory wheels off of eBay for a decent price and decided to try them out.


I ended up not liking them, so back went the faded stock ones. I also decided to try out the OEM sport grille again to give the front end a little refresh.


…and finally, I performed a complete badge removal. That included the little “V6” emblems as well as the “Mazda6” in the back. So far, I’m pretty happy with the results. What do you all think? This could be the updated look for the next few years…or more?



Oh, and one more thing…I added a new custom vanity New Mexico plate!



That’s all for now. Thanks for stopping by!


4 thoughts on “Three Year Anniversary and 100,000 Miles

  1. Wow, what timing! An anniversary AND surpassing the 100,000 miles added on that car. The 6 has served you well despite a few of those expensive maintenance items. Those are to be expected on a car of this age and mileage! “DJ Ivan” didn’t know what a gem he was giving up in 2014 when he gave that baby up for adoption. Lol. Our paths will cross next weekend so I’m looking forward to seeing the old trusty steed once again (or wait, are you bringing the “Grandpa” 6 instead?). I must say, I didn’t mind the chrome wheels so you should have rocked them a little bit longer. Love that new NM vanity plate design!

    • I know right?! I was too caught up with watching for the 100k, then I looked at the date…”Oh snaps!” It has been a good car and I haven’t exactly babied it. Someday maybe I’ll try and catch “DJ Ivan” to take her for a spin again just for cool blog post. Do you still have his contact? So far, the Grandpa 6 will be coming to Silver so maybe you’ll get to take her for a spin. I found the chrome wheels fit rather nicely with the “Pebble Ash Metallic” so you can be the judge. 🙂 Happy Thirsty-Thursday!

  2. Congratulations on the 100,000 mile rollover during your ownership! I’ve been following your blog for a while now & have to admit that it doesn’t seem like you’ve really had the car for three years! I’m a fan of the sports grille up front, makes the car look fresh. Any other plans for the car over the coming months, or is she pretty much where you’d like her to be? Cheers Adam.

    • Thanks, Adam! Glad you’re able (and willing) to check in. I’ve recently started nicknaming the 6 “Shadow” (cringe!) and I’m going to play off that. Smoked housing headlamps and dark silver finished rims are the most immediate goals. I might look into vinyl wrapping the window trim in a gloss black. I’ll see how much further I want to go from there. Thanks for reading!

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