2016 Alaska Drive Starts…Now!

After months of planning and dreaming, the day finally is here where I start the drive to Alaska. Aside from a few forest fires in Alberta and one off the Alaska Highway, there shouldn’t be many issues along the way. I will be going solo in my 6 and Tyson will be as well in his 2013 Acura ILX. As usual, we both will be posting updates along the way via Instagram. Even though it’s just me, I managed to fill my trunk up practically to the rim…the term pack-rat definitely is valid here!


Big item that HAD to come along was a full-sized spare wheel borrowed from Grandpa’s Mazda6. This will replace the sad little factory donut spare which was already flat.  Can’t be too prepared!


Beginning mileage as I set off…


And here’s a few shots of a quick detail before the trip.


Take a good look here because it won’t be staying clean for long. A nice thick layer of grime awaits. First stop tonight will be St. George, UT. It’s a good 11hr drive for me. Other nightly stops are tentative and I will report back as wifi availability permits. See you around or maybe out there on the road!


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