The End of Chapter 2 – 2010 Acura TL

First note, consider my 2004 Satin Silver Accord Coupe 6spd as “Chapter 1.”

Well, looks like my blog here is going to change gears again. If you’ve enjoyed any of my ramblings that put a spotlight on the TL, I’m sad to say it’s come to end. As of October 22, 2014, I have listed the TL available for a new owner. Why, you ask? What it boils down to is money. With a recent home purchase and other responsibilities, I just wasn’t comfortable swinging another 4-5 years of car payments. My joys behind the wheel wearing the big “A” were outmatched by the financial burden.


Fast forward exactly one month, and I find a buyer from Dallas, TX — Justin. An avid Honda fan, Justin was in the same boat as me last year with a search for a 4th generation TL 6-speed. He flew 600+ miles out to El Paso, TX (nearest international airport to me) and spent a good part of the day closely inspecting the TL to see if it suited his needs. In the end, we officially shook hands in agreement to the sale, and he is now the new owner. He is having it shipped out next week.

It’s been a good run with the TL, and as I write this (while wiping a few tears away), I can’t help but remember what a great traveling companion it has been:

The key hand-off and beginning mileage – Los Angeles, California



Musical Road – Lancaster, California


Salton Sea – California


Canyon De Chelly – Chinle, Arizona



White Sands National Monument – New Mexico


Gila National Forest – New Mexico


Cadillac Ranch – Near Amarillo, Texas


New York City – New York


Redline Productions Test Drive the TL – Washington D.C.


Chesapeake Bay – Virginia


Caddo Lake (Swamplands) – Texas


Death Valley – California


Ouray – Colorado


Very Large Array – New Mexico


Large(st?) Rattle Snake – Albuquerque, New Mexico


Odd trails covered: (no pavement here) 

Cibola National Forest – New Mexico


Doña Ana County – New Mexico


Somewhere north of Ouray, Colorado


“20 Mule Team” road in Death Valley – California


Driving on bedrock at the Malpais – Near Grants, New Mexico


Driving on a Mesa in the Bisti Wilderness – New Mexico


Most Challenging Cargo: 

12′ siding for the house. This utilized the trunk “pass through” and extended practically the entire length of the car!


Lawn mower and weed wacker:


10′ Ladder with painter’s tape to keep the trunk tied down:


Accord front lip:


Ending mileage at the date of sale (November 22, 2014). That’s 35,462 miles covered!


Amazing only one year has passed, and the TL has taken me to all these fantastic destinations and then some. I do hope it’s able to give Justin the same amount of joy it has given me. Farewell, my friend. Farewell.

Now, the show isn’t over here on Driven for Drives. I’m still going to be on the open road and sharing the big highlights as I go along. For the next chapter here, the car in the spotlight is surprisingly something non-Honda. Can you guess what it is?


Stay tuned for “When it all Started – Part III”

4 thoughts on “The End of Chapter 2 – 2010 Acura TL

  1. While it’s sad to see the TL go, I’m excited for part 3! I’ve always really liked these 1st gen Mazda 6’s. This one looks to be the pre-refresh I assume? So probably 03-05.

    • Farid, thanks for stopping by DrivenforDrives. Glad you’re looking forward to part 3. I already have some ideas for some really neat content. You hit the nail on the head! That is an 04 Mazda 6. I’ll be reveling it here soon.

  2. Wow! What a nice wrap-up . I can’t believe how many adventures you had with that TL in such a short span of time. I’ll shed a tear, too. But – the open road awaits and the Mazda is a most fitting successor! Sporty little 5-speed should give you plenty of grins. Here’s to many more fun-filled miles.

    • Thanks, Tyson. Yeah, those adventures really added up within the last year…some where thanks to you. The Mazda is certainly fitting the bill so far and I can’t wait to stretch its little legs on our next journey!

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